Welcome to EuroPacer, the first European meeting for those who appreciate a famous design-icon from the 70’s: the AMC Pacer!

Location: Moergestel, Diessen and the surrounding area. In the Netherlands, that is. We expect to accommodate 30 to 40 Pacers during Pentecost 2011.

The idea for this meeting came about on the social media site Hyves, where three Pacer-aficionado’s met on the digital highway. We figured it would be a good idea to bring together as many Dutch AMC Pacers as possible. And also, that it would be even better to gauge possible interest for this event in our surrounding countries. Pretty soon we got in touch with owners from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, to name but a few countries.

Our goal is not only to round up Pacers from all over Europe, but also to get to know one another so we can exchange tips and tricks to keep our cars on the road. And off course to enjoy this pretty little thing we all have in common: our AMC Pacer. That means a good deal of driving through idyllic countryside, as well as a good party. As far as we are concerned, this first EuroPacer meeting could be the start of a beautiful tradition.

To see the pictures follow this link.