Fill ‘em up!

It is smart when you don't have to go looking for a gas station during our rallies on Saturday and Sunday. That is why we advise you to fill up your car on Saturday, before setting course to the St. Jans square. With gas prices being as they are, we have selected the cheapest gas station in the area.This can be found at Moergestel, right after leaving the highway. Payment is through bank-card (Maestro etc.) only, as the gas station has no employee.

Click here for directions to the gas station.


We would like to ask all participants kindly to apply a dress code for this party. Wondering what that means? We figure high plateau boots, spectacular sunglasses, glitz and glitter, wigs, side burns, bell-bottoms, big collars and ugly and flashy patterns. No need for real good taste here. We will take care of the right music, to take you right back to the time when the Pacer first hit the roads.