Saturday, june 11th

12:00 – 16.00                     : Meet and greet at St. Jans square in Moergestel

Participants are expected from 12.00 on at Herberg De Veerkes, which can be found on the St. Jans square in Moergestel. All cars can be parked directly on the square, which will have a reserved area. After arriving you will receive a badge, rally shield and directions for the Pacer-drive later that afternoon. After registering you can enjoy coffee and a local treat. Other beverages can be purchased at Herberg de Veerkes.

Participants who arrive after 16.00 hr. can go directly to De Nieuwe Erf in Diessen.

Click here for directions to the St. Jans square in Moergestel.

16:00 – 17.30                     : Pacing your Pacer - drive

17.30                                 : Arrival at De Nieuwe Erf in Diessen

Click here for directions to the De Nieuwe Erf in Diessen.

18.00                                 : Barbecue

21.00 - ????                        : 70’s Disco PartyPacer Disco Party… dress up!

The Pacer aside, the seventies have brought us lots of other memorable goodies. We only need to mention nylon shirts, lava lamps, Starsky & Hutch, Glam Rock and… disco! Which is why a steaming disco-party is an essential element of our first EuroPacer meeting. We would like to ask all participants kindly to apply a dress code for this party. Wondering what that means? We figure high plateau boots, spectacular sunglasses, glitz and glitter, wigs, side burns, bell-bottoms, big collars and ugly and flashy patterns. No need for real good taste here. We will take care of the right music, to take you right back to the time when the Pacer first hit the roads.

Sunday, june 12th

10:00 – 11.00                      : Breakfast

12:00 – 14.00                      : Pacing your Pacer - drive

14.00 – 15.00                      : Lunch

15.00 – 17.00                      : Pacing your Pacer – drive part II

17.00 – 18.00                      : Arrival at Herberg Den Hemel

18:00 – 21.00                      : Diner + Ceremonie

21.00                                  : Back to Diessen

Monday, june 13th

08:00 – 10.00                       : Breakfast

10.00                                  : End of programme

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